Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obama in Mesa, Arizona

I don't normally send these around but this was so funny I couldn't pass it up. I love my Mesa peeps.

This happened when the Prez went to Dobson High. This is Great !!! because this is exactly how most of us feel and read all the way to the bottom.

and yes we certainly did not see any of this on TV, did we now ???????????? I really can't decide which one is my favorite !!!!!!!!!

I kinda like the fifth one from the bottom and in the right corner of the picture..............Bend Over....this is gonna hurt !!

At the Mesa AZ protest against President Obama, KFYI listeners brought signs telling Santa Obama what they
wanted from the savior-based economy. Hats off to KFYI's Bruce Jacobs and J.D. Hayworth.
Reader Al Swanson sent these priceless pics:

(PS: See why the Media couldn't show this on national TV? It would
leak out what working folks really think of the stimulus lies. Let's do
the Media's job for them-again-and pass it on. Be reassured that
we are not alone---our friends & neighbors smell Rats too.)