Monday, March 2, 2009

Way To Spend, President Obama...

....I'm thinking that Republicans get a bad rap about spending while in office. Apparently party affiliation has NOTHING to do with spending at all......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
$36 Billion a Day
Posted by: Dwayne Horner at 12:24 AM
GOP Chairman Michael Steele was on Hannity tonight and pointed out a great point, "Barack Obama has spent $36 BILLION dollars a day since taking office."

Just think what $36 Billion adds up to:

- 1.5 billion dollars an hour
- 25 million dollars a minute
- 416 thousand dollars a second

Or to put it this way, he has had nearly six million seconds in office .... so under the spending of Barack Obama, we could have purchased a $100,000 house for more than 12 MILLION people in America since January 20th. That's more than New York City and Los Angeles COMBINED.

Change we can believe in.

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