Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Could Be on Television!

So, in an unusual turn of Forwards History, this forward is actually legit. You should apply. You might get in! And then we can all watch you on PBS and talk about how we got this email forwarded to us, but we were too insecure or lazy to apply. ---PEF

Get Behind the Wheel with Roadtrip Nation in 2009!

What are you going to do with your summer?

Right now, Roadtrip Nation is looking for young people to hit the road and travel across the United States in our big Green RVs. Journeying with a purpose, interviewing amazing individuals across the nation that are doing what they love, and exploring wonderful things across the country helps guide roadtrippers as they define their own roads in life. The roadtrip will be filmed to share with others on Roadtrip Nation's 2010 PBS television series. Hit the road today for an experience of personal exploration that you'll never forget.

The Details:
• Each roadtrip is approximately 6 weeks long and will be filmed June – August 2009.
• You can apply as an individual or with two of your friends in a team of three.
• You choose the route, select the interviews, and drive the RV.
• For more information, or to begin your application, visit Application Round One closes December 22, 2008, so start your application today.

If you're ready to push your personal boundaries and to define your road in life, apply for Roadtrip Nation!

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